This is some awesome stairs. Work of art. Ok it doesn’t really have anything to do with what I’m gonna post, cause Odex sure as hell ain’t art.

From ANN:

Odex Pte, the Singapore-based anime licensor and distributor, has won court orders against two Internet service providers to require them to release names of customers who allegedly download without authorization episodes of anime series that Odex has licensed.

From I.Z.Reloaded:

This is sick. People watching anime for entertainment purposes get assraped by Odex. You see, when the demand > supply (it’s almost as easy as ABC), alternatives would definitely appear. For me, regrettably, I have bought the complete set of Gundam SEED anime. And I can tell you it definitely sucked through and through. The video quality is horrible, the subs were not fully visible at times, and the dubs gave me the creeps. What’s more is that their releases are usually years after the vintage date in Japan. Though it may appear piracy is rampant, but rather than thinking of it as piracy, the local anime fans, through fansubs, had contact with more anime than the old ones released by Odex. If not for the fansubs, certain businesses that specialises in anime imports would probably never have survived. Cosplayers don’t get no motivation to cosplay with they end up watching shit-quality animes with censorship all over the place. Yeah, there are Singaporeans who take part in the Cosplay Summit ya’ know.

HOWEVER, if Odex comes up with pretty decent products, perhaps there might be some people who would accept them as alternatives. (Come on, the Yellow Project isn’t for nothing)
Many other anibloggers would have mentioned or raved these things previously, but its irresistible for pure-blooded-animeloving-singaporeans to take these lying down. I pretty much hate this monopoly as well. Especially when Singaporeans are guaranteed no-quality products.

Just in case people ask, yeah I watch anime. But I’m pretty sure at this time Claymore isn’t licensed.

p.s. For those who would want to know what Odex is,

you could visit their website to learn more about them, their company policies, and their active involvement with the local anime community here:
And no it’s not your imagination, the two words existing on their website reflects that their attitudes are totally awesome.
Under construction.


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