Baka ribbon!

SaiMoe 2007

It’s awesome. I have my first of my semestral papers today and I haven’t study abit. Instead I was watching *er-hem* till early morning.

Another thing to add is the annual SaiMoe Tournament! I’m kinda lazy to go dig out the tournament schedules so you’ll might have to make do with their official site, though it’s pretty confusing until you get to the part on the preliminaries schedules.
Official site here:

Moar on the ODEX hubbub.
An awesome local animator made this, it’s a must watch for all anti-XEDO :P
Spotted @

Stuff from the Odex Revolution blog:

Newspaper cuttings and scans taken from… er.. was it sgcafe or hardwarezone? Anyone who knows please correct me thanks =/

Burn his house and beat his mother! Now where’s the originality in that ^^;At least ODEX doesn’t have control over the newspapers. Otherwise it’s the end of the world already. Or is it?SingTel just has to give in that easily… eh? That probably just shows the lack of privacy. And the lack of people defending it.

Once again I know this has link neither with anime nor ODEX but, to hell with that.
A roffling youtube vid that I just can’t resist putting here. Reminds me of what we went through (for all those who POP-ed last year). Nostalgic =/

p.s. btw did I mention to SUPPORT the Black Ribbon Project? ^^;

The clips, blogs linked are in no way representatives of my takes on the ODEX issue. Any doubts just tag and I’ll see what I can reply. That’s if you’re Steven Sing, or not.
Pictures and videos are not done by me. The XEDO clip was by NCH (you can find moar about NCH at the sgcafe link). Any claims of authorship of the media used in this blog I’ll be happy to credit to.

p.p.s Certain censors and edits are probably attempts for this poor blogger to remain safe from the dark reach of XEDO, though no one is safe at this point of time. Ya no one. May Haruhi bless us all ~_~


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