LeWt@KKnM Part 2

Haven’t got around to finish going through my loot from yesterday’s CharaFest, and the digital camera was giving me headache. So this post is somewhat delayed… orz

Excitingly brought from yesterday’s battleground:

Assortment of stuff, Konata Telephone card, Haruhi Mobile Cleaner, Haruhi Telephone Card, Shana Mobile Cleaner, Shana Stick-on Mousepad, and a Kanon brochure.. of sorts. (DVD Kanon Vol.8 out!) But anyway, Haruhi/Shana <3
Hayate no Gotoku Clear Poster (bottom right). It alone wooped my wallet upside down. Well I don’t care when there’s such a lovely Nagi taking up half of the poster. ^^; Just to let you know, the Hayate no Gotoku Stick Posters and the Futakoi Clear Poster aren’t from the CharaFest.

Haruhi Deskmat which I don’t dare put on my other desk in case my laptop melts it. Okie I suck. Picture courtesy of KKnM, if anyone noticed. XD

Clear A4 Files. From left: Shana eating melon-pan (ahh the moe-ness!), Hayate and Maria, Shana in swim suit (nosebleed!). Top: Shana (again!). I think it explains what tsundere is. Slap you first then kiss you. Savvy?

The back of each files. Guess which is which? ^^;
Rumours have it rogues do it from the side, or even in the front. But bear in mind, rogues do it from the back. =/

Haruhi Telephone Card again! Beside is the Gothic Lolita Ver. which Krono wanted. I prefer Haruhi climbing outta the card though ^^;

Pencil Boards! From left: Shana (tsundere!), Hayate no Gotoku! (Hinagiku FTW! :3), Tora Dora featuring Taiga Aisaka. Top: Gurren Lagaan which Krono wanted too.

Not loot for the CharaFest, but I’ll put this anyway. I got this ef Clear Poster today. First time I saw this I mistook her for Eruruu orz

Definitely not mine. Bleach Whiteboard which I helped buy for Krono, who helped buy for his imouto-san.

Courtesy of Shan who got himself a Kanon shirt today. No idea why he likes a girl with little wings that fall off trees so much. Taiyaki anyone?

Briefly on our crusade on that Saturday. Friday night was spent in a lan shop at Katong. Of course dinner was Katong Laksa <3. After which Krono and Zen spent the night at my house. Didn't really sleep much that night. I was WoW-ing while Zen glued himself to Tiberium Wars. Krono was playing random games before knocking himself out. Supposed to wake at 4 but... I could only manage 5.30am =/ Alas! When Krono and I reached at 8 in the morning, I could already see a bunch of people. The security there wasn't happy with a bunch of otakus clogging up outside KKnM, so he told us to stay quiet. Or we leave.
After the arrival of the KKnM-keepers, we’re given number tags (I’m 4th ^^;). When we’re finally let in at 11.30, chaos ensued! A friggin long queue for non-members and you can almost feel them glaring down at you when your shopping list is being filled =/ True enough, I failed to procure the All Around TYPE-MOON Clear Poster Set, supposedly shared by me and Shan. orz I should have taken a leaf outta bj0rn’s book and come at 10PM. Yes you aren’t imagining things, bj0rn camped around there starting from 10PM w00t
More details of his raid here : http://bj0rn.animeblogger.net/
Heh managed to get most of what I want myself. Then today I just realised I left out the Haruhi HP Screen Protector zomfgwtfbbqgodzilla. Hopefully KKnM can help me keep a lookout for it. ~_~
Something else to add on, SaiMoe 2007 is blazing with showdowns between the moe contenders. Web: http://animemoe2007.hp.infoseek.co.jp/
Personally for today I’ll be voting for Kagamin and Shiori. Oh wait. I forgot I can’t vote! zomfgwtfbbqgodzilla orz this sucks. IP got blocked. Any advice on how to bypass their proxy blocks? RAWR.

p.s. For your information, folks, ODEX just lost to PacNet, twice. This is gonna be a strong case in which to present your defence if you ever want to sue ODEX ^^;
Moar information @ http://www.xedodefense.org/
Now I’m off to be troubled by today’s semestral papers =/
Vote for Shiori and Kagamin!


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