When the Otakus cry 萌え!


Finally finished the semestral papers, so I’m assuming I have a coupla weeks before the results get posted. Shall let ya know how one can fare while catching up on the SaiMoe Tournaments. Both SaiMoe Japan and SaiMoe Korea ^^;
IMHO, the Korean tourney is definitely much much easier to vote (heck it takes only a minute of using your mouse, tops) SaiMoe Japan takes a coupla of hours to generate a code, and you are of course encouraged to post a moe-bun (why u love the girl so much) along with the authentication code. Personally I’ve never been able to try that as my IP is blocked. If I’m not wrong the SG range of IP addresses are probably blocked.

Some advice from Omo on how to vote if you can’t read Japanese or if it’s the first time you’re partaking in SaiMoe.
Regular updates on SaiMoe Japan in English by Kurogane.
Unofficial English bracket of SaiMoe. An excellent site I’d say.
FYI, the SaiMoe Korean rounds starts 10PM local time and ends 9PM the next day. Check the timing for the round though, cause I’m not very sure if the timings will fluctuate.

Personally for round E-09, my <3 goes to Eika Ichijou from Sky Girls. Sky Girls is one of the better mecha + bishoujo series airing right now. What’s better than a h4wt tsundere in a flying mecha? But then again Takako seems to be doing better than Eika orz This calls for the Eika Legions! Folks, if you read this post and liked Eika, please cast her a vote nao.

BTW, something seriously wrong I spotted at SaiMoe Korea. WTF IS JUN WATARASE DOING THERE?! Compared to him, even the random grandmother from somewhere seems justifiable. But thanks to him, we’ve seen a broken record. The only male in SaiMoe. *shudders*


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