Nice boat.

You know you’re too bored when you blog in work that you’re too bored. And don’t ask me what am I doing blogging that I am bored during work. It’s supposed to be counter-productive. But oh well what the hell. It’s better than falling asleep.

A long time since the last post I know. Recently I’ve been busy with real life, and it’s pretty tough. =/

Read the news on the final episode of School Days getting axed, and was pretty disappointed. IMHO, though the School Days’ violence may be reflected in real life, but to axe it is way overboard. If you’re saying that anime violence is inadvisable for underaged children, it’s true. But don’t forget that anime violence is not all.

Real life violence can be found everywhere, look at the war ongoing in the MiddleEast while we sit our phat asses watching animu. That’s violence. War is. And no violence is justified so long as blood is shed. You can kill for the good of the world, but that makes you a killer. If people are to be affected, influenced by a war’s influence, wouldn’t people starting procuring firearms and shooting the hell outta everything walking?

I’d say, do not judge the violence that comes from just anime alone. It’s violence in general. Violence in society, in real life, in everywhere that humans live in. It comes in a package, in a balance. With peacefulness there’s violence. The simple reason being that, anything that is the antithesis of peacefulness would be violence.

If you’d ask me, axing the violence in anime is rubbish. You’re better off imposing age restrictions. Put more effort in axing violence? No. Chigau. Iie. This is why education is important. You teach those who’re too young to know what’s right and wrong the black and white of life. Educate them that violence should be condemned, or to be avoided at all cost. Violence is real life is as dangerous to anyone as a lost girl with an axe. Recently I read on Digg that one girl was bullied to the extent that evident violence manifested on her physically in the form of blood and wounds.

Okie I just successfully spent a chunk of my work time ranting here. Very sleepily too.

p.s. Personally I want the last episode of School Days out. Violence is a part of life, you just need to know how to live and cope with it.


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