Once again I’m blogging in my office <3

It’s brought to my attention that the comment section doesn’t seem to work. Thanks to Zen for telling me, I’d try to work on it as soon as I can, which is when Singtel decides to resume my internet service. Irritating how my service got cut off a coupla days ~_~ Recontracting your broadband service is some fussy issue. orz

Now for the awesomeness. CLANNAD (TV) by KyoAni is epic. Epic awesome. Besides being a Key-tard, I’m also a full-time KyoAni-tard since the good olde AIR and Haruhi times. EP1 was enough to sway me over to the KyoAni camp, let me briefly explain why.

First, they have an awesome OP. [メグメル cuckool 2007 mix TV Animation ver.] by Eufonius.

Second, it’s KyoAni animation! FLuid and awesome. Notice how awesome it is.

Third, it’s KyoAni! The holy spot in Kyoto! That should be enough to convince anyone it’s awesome.

Fourth, the original story was done by Jun Maeda, amongst others that brought us AIR, Kanon, and Planetarian. Jun Maeda is also the author of Hibiki no Mahou. KyoAni has a good record of being able to present a well-blended story of the originals storylines. Their previous works, AIR and Kanon has been awesome. I’d personally expect them to live up to their reputation once again.

BTW, RIP to Toei Animation this time too it seems. I haven’t caught the movie, but knowing them, the past probably would have repeated itself.



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