Actress Again


A new expansion from the popular Melty Blood series has been announced to be due Spring 2008. Melty Blood Actress Again, featuring two new characters, Riesbyfe and Roa. It seems that it’ll be offering a new battle system whereby you can choose the mode to play. The new expansions features new storylines written by Nasu Kinoko himself.

Just for your information in case you didn’t know, Roa would be the main villain of Tsukihime and Riesbyfe a friend of Sion’s in the Melty Blood storyline.

IMO, this feels like it’s taking a leaf out of the Guilty Gear series, where they just add in new characters and throw in stories, and poof you get the next expansion. The newest being Guilty Gear Accent Core. Not that I’d have anything against it though.. :P

edit: The finals of SaiMoe Korea is here! Shana vs Hinagiku! Legions rise and battle for the glory of your SaiMoe queen! Yeah I voted for Shana… orz Both are moe IMHO. So either win is a win for me as well ^^;


2 Responses to Actress Again

  1. Zen says:

    The 2 new characters should have this storyline: 2 Jews walk into a bar… ‘You racist bastard!’ then start to fight. XD

    Go watch power rangers~! 5 man raid XD. Summon epic mount. Dragonzord! :0

  2. Leefe says:

    Finally when you can comment you give me powar rangers.
    I’ll kill you!
    p.s. I’ll kill you will be on the upcoming post XD

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