No I’m actually not. Just watch the video on the post before this if you don’t get the title. Anyway this is my first post on this blog (there’s a chance it may be my last too =P) as a contributor. Anyways be prepared for random crap that i churn out. ~beams out~

~beams back in~

Oh, before I go. Just can’t help but notice that the resident blogger did not relay the news that the ODEX website got hacked *gasp*. From the looks of it, it seems as if the hacker is a Singaporean (good job there). Well, they’re now attempting to track down the hacker. Wishing hacker-san best of luck and here is a copy of the site replacement he made for ODEX ^_^


ODEX is evul. Bring them down.



  1. Leefe says:

    I didn’t bother to post about this cause I thought they are bloody lot of people doing that anyway. Lol open O-HAX WAR on my blog?
    BTW the picture doesn’t seem like it’s put up properly.


  2. Zen says:

    Wahahahahaha is that py? Omg you both do up1 blog? You noobs! XDXD. Lemme in on it and I shall write an article on Dragonzord! Lolers

  3. Leefe says:

    It is. I thought you already know he’s kronosfere. Lololol I’ma never gonna let you in whahahaha >:D
    I knew it. First crap I see is Dragonzord. I rather Dragonshit =/

    BTW it’s still my blog just that kronos is a contributor also. Helps with more posts to keep this blog up and alive. And I DO realise you can finally comment here? So what was the previous problem?

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