Sparks of Hope

The following picture is actually an illustration I did and submitted to the FMComics EOY Illustration Competition. Being the amateur as I am, especially since I draw only out of interest and not professionally, I would think that it looks pretty ok.. Maybe it might look weird but well, it’s the first I’ve entered competitively…

FM Comics EOY Art Submission

<そら と 千秋>

I named the little one to the left ‘Sora’, and the motherly one to the right ‘Chiaki’.

The second one might be familiar to some of you out there.

Asahi Kamijo

<上条 朝陽>

Kamijo Asahi from the eroge Honey Coming. Kinda forgot where I saw the original. It looks awful without colours I know… My proficiency with photoshop is still very very very mediocre, so the best idea as of then was just shading… orz

Anyone interested to do the colours (if you even want LOL) you can leave a comment telling me so.

p.s. These are the illustrations I did promise some time back. Too bad if they don’t live up to your expectations ^^;


4 Responses to Sparks of Hope

  1. zeco says:

    quite well done. I did a drawing, plus shading. it looked exactly like the real one. Well I took like 2 days to finish it T_T

  2. Leefe says:

    Thanks alot ^^;
    Nevertheless black and white just doesn’t feel as right though…

  3. Leefe says:

    @Windbell: Yeah I had to add abit of her bottom.. orz
    Asahi in her full color is obviously better ^^;

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