Due some peace

January 31, 2008

Finally due some peace after the onslaught of assignments, project submissions, tests, and presentations. Hellish January it was, but today I just put to rest the final presentation in my semester. All’s left is the few weeks left to my End-of-Semester Exams.


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New Look

January 23, 2008

I’ve been playing around with the themes that WP has available… And so far I’d be settling for this until I find a better one ^^;

Alice and Maria

Yay new theme!

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Japanese Language – Elementary

January 19, 2008

Despite the last Thursday being my third lesson already, I’m only blogging about it now. Plenty of work and work and work to keep me very busy nowadays, and as I finally made it through to the weekend alive, I have but a few moments of breathing time. After this post I’d need to get on my programming and more tests the following week. orz

JCS Student Card

The front of my Student Card from the JCS Japanese Language School. :3

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Lewt from C73!

January 13, 2008

Well, being unable to participate in C73 and adding in the fact that 2 of my favourite illustrators are publishing a collaborative work, I’ve succumbed to impulse buying.

C73- Ito Noizi X Naru Nanao

Don’t ask what happened to my other fingers.

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Result of boredom

January 3, 2008

Despite today being the last day of my short term break (or the first day of school for some others), I have found myself to be in an extreme peril. I am bored.

With an evening to spare and not wanting to clean up my room, I’ve instead wasted fine hours on this…

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Happy New YAR

January 2, 2008

Hiro Suzuhira @ HEARTWORKS

Might be a little late on this one, but happy new year! For some, it might be spent at home, with their asses parked in front of their LCDs (or CRTs for that matter), it might be spent with friends in their parties, it might be spent in a countdown party either at VivoCity or Esplanade, but for me, I spent the whole of New Year’s Eve watching movies. No not those illegal, pirated shit, but real deals in cinemas. Some people might not want to watch movies during public holidays, because them businessmen jack ticket prices up insanely, but for me, I want to watch something firsthand as well as to support it of course. This is not a in-depth movie review, just some thoughts on what I felt about each movie.

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