Happy New YAR

Hiro Suzuhira @ HEARTWORKS

Might be a little late on this one, but happy new year! For some, it might be spent at home, with their asses parked in front of their LCDs (or CRTs for that matter), it might be spent with friends in their parties, it might be spent in a countdown party either at VivoCity or Esplanade, but for me, I spent the whole of New Year’s Eve watching movies. No not those illegal, pirated shit, but real deals in cinemas. Some people might not want to watch movies during public holidays, because them businessmen jack ticket prices up insanely, but for me, I want to watch something firsthand as well as to support it of course. This is not a in-depth movie review, just some thoughts on what I felt about each movie.

*Some amounts of spoilers here and there, but I’d try to keep it to a bare minimum.*

First movie I watched: Vexille @ Cathay Picturehouse

The movie has a pretty good story development in the first half, which quickly plummeted in the second half. All in all, I think this movie is crap and totally not worth my money. I only watched it as a friend had invited me along, and I thought I’d give it a try.

Synopsis (taken from The Picturehouse) : “Japan, 2077: A female agent named Vexille is dispatched to Tokyo to investigate whether Japanese are developing robotic technology, which has been banned by the U.N. due to its potential threat to humankind. The government of Japan refused to abide by UN’s demands to halt research, in the year 2067 left the UN and isolated itself visually and communicably. Ten years later, an American special forces unit by the name of SWORD, led by its female commander named Vexille, are sent to uncover the current status of the isolated Japan, after the country begins its plan to move. The shocking secrets they find will shock the rest of the world. ”

On the Cathay website it says “Most Anticipated Anime of the Year”, which leads to my conclusion this year hasn’t have any good CG films out. In my very honest opinion, the CG in this film is crap. I’m no fanboy of the FF series, but I sure as hell am sure that Advent Children, or even The Spirit Within (which is pretty old) has way better CGs than this Vexille crap.

Second movie: Coming to America

I watched it in a friend’s house, who had the VCD for this 1988 movie, starring a lot of Eddie Murphy-es. It’s a comedy of Eddie Murphy as the prince of an African country, who’s reluctant to go into an arranged marriage at the age of 21. You really have to watch it to know what it’s like, so I won’t be continuing any further.

Here’s a link to the National Mint of America… where apparently they really do make collector coins for the fictional Prince of Zamunda. Thanks to Zen for finding this out ^^

Third movie: AVP 2 (warning: lots of spoilers in this wiki)

Technically I watched this on New Year, as the one I caught was at 1.45am today. I preferred the first AVP movie as it had more of a plot, and not just senseless killing. AVP2 felt like it’s just 300 FFA-style, with humans being the race with most casualties. The rating of NC-16 was pretty lax in my opinion, as it had quite a number of especially gory scenes depicting pregnant women getting the Alien treatment. I find it a little disturbing for such to be actually on-screen for a NC-16 audience. Well, other than the gore and blood, AVP2 doesn’t really have a solid story to tell, as it continues from the first AVP movie. Despite that, one could still watch AVP2 with no prior experience in AVP and still understand enough anyway. And the little girl, Marley* doesn’t die.

*Bob Marley is awesome. :3

Now to what happened on New Year. Got myself a bit of loot from KKnM, though three out of the five items that I had wanted were out of stock. Those were nice stuffs, especially the keyboard cover. T_T

Shakugan no Shana
Shakugan no Shana Clear Pencilboard

Shakugan no Shana
Had to insert a piece of white paper because this is a double-sided clear folder.
Megami Creators
Megami Creators Feb’08 Issue Featuring Naru Nanao
I’ll end the post with another Happy New Year. Just asking here, anyone of you here have actually made new year resolutions? ^^;

7 Responses to Happy New YAR

  1. TutuK says:

    So you love japan anime. The character on your photos seem so cute. I love it too. One of my favorite is dragon ball gt.

  2. Leefe says:

    I like the artists’ works, especially Ito Noizi ^^;

  3. ykm says:

    So you were one of Zen’s friends that came with him to watch Vexille. I’m Kheng Meng, You can ask Zen who I am. I was the guy that sort of “organised” this movie outing and pulled Zen in.

    I see that you have largely negative comments about Vexille. I have to admit I agree with you with a large extent but only on the storyline. In my opinion, the only thing that prevented this movie from going down the drain is the superior graphics sans the facial expressions.

    This, I dun agree with your comments on CG haha. Japanese anime have not always focused very much on this. The effort they spent environment I feel should deserve some praise, not pure condemnation.

    In fact, I just wrote a review for my school’s online newsletter a few minutes ago! You can check it out here.


  4. Leefe says:

    Not sure what kinda anime you’ve seen before, but Vexille CG is total crap period. It’s bad enough to make me feel like I’ve been ripped off to watch that on the screens.

  5. kronosfere says:

    pew pew this is the poster who never posts. Well, personally I’m a fan of big explosions and GFX like that. I have to say Vexille did them in a way that was to my liking. However, i do not agree with you on the point you put up about the facial expressions. If you really noticed, Vexille was only a near 3D animation film. Let’s just put it at 2.5D or 2.75D, the problem with this kinda style is that shadow and light contrast is huge and thus makes things seem much blockier, thus i can only see the facial expressions as a CG contortion instead of it being more natural. Well, just my 5 yen(that’s all i have left lawl). Anyways, i was the other guy who went with u guys haha(oh man is my introduction late).

  6. Zen says:

    You want my 5 yen? That was some moving pixels. 1 yen for each word. Ok that’s all I know XD.

  7. Leefe says:

    That’s pretty cheap for some words. I’d add in another yen. Those were some lousy moving pixels.

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