Result of boredom

Despite today being the last day of my short term break (or the first day of school for some others), I have found myself to be in an extreme peril. I am bored.

With an evening to spare and not wanting to clean up my room, I’ve instead wasted fine hours on this…


From this you can probably tell I’m really bored. Especially the skirt part… It kinda took a lot of time, pencil lead, and eye-power. I’m now sporting a headache from too much stripes and stripes. ^^;

Sage, Nerine, Ai

The original picture, which I spotted at moe imouto, has Sage and Ai inside as well. But I just felt the urge to put this Nerine on paper. Of course mine can’t be compared to Hiro Suzuhira’s one, but I thought I’d draw it for heck. ^^;

Mine is a little different in that it shows the skirt, which is a hell lot of trouble to draw =/, and Nerine clenching it. And I took off the demon ear and hid a human ear behind her hair, spot it if you can. ^^ Other than those, there aren’t really much of major changes. For that bit of her leg you see, I actually decided to make it grayish as I thought she usually kinda wear her black stockings like that. But because the paper wasn’t long enough, you can’t actually see it. So use your imagination ^^;

Without using any computer manipulation, the hair, skirt, and eyes have obvious differences; the hand-drawn skirt was the largest pain in the ass. No background either because I just can’t be bothered already lol.



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