Lewt from C73!

Well, being unable to participate in C73 and adding in the fact that 2 of my favourite illustrators are publishing a collaborative work, I’ve succumbed to impulse buying.

C73- Ito Noizi X Naru Nanao

Don’t ask what happened to my other fingers.

C73- Ito Noizi X Naru Nanao

The other side of the C73 paper bag. I think this cost a bomb as well.

The above 2 shots were taken with a Nikon Coolpix S3. Personally I’m not proficient at photography but would like to learn.

C73- Ito Noizi X Naru Nanao
Morimiya Aono and Shana cross-illustrated.

I’m kinda wondering if ‘cross-illustrated’ is even an applicable word. orz


C73- Ito Noizi X Naru Nanao

Noizi-sensei’s Aono. Reminds me of Hecate ^^;


C73- Ito Noizi X Naru Nanao

Nanao-sensei’s Shana. Sweet.


C73- Ito Noizi X Naru Nanao

If anyone wants a wallpaper version of this, do tell me.


C73- Ito Noizi X Naru Nanao

Slightly Indian-looking girl on the cover page. Very cute though ^^;

However nice and cutesy some of the illustrations are, I do think that the art book had failed my expectations. There are indeed some nice illustrations inside, but there are a couple that seems to be sub-par also. I won’t be scanning the art book as I have no intentions of ripping it to pieces and scanning them. Almost all the illustrations had those strange looking markings all over, like the ones on the uniform. Not much idea what those are supposed to be, but I’m guessing it’s got to do with the theme of this book.

The set of the art book, 2 telephone cards and the paper bag(?!) cost me an arm and leg. Not really what I expected as I don’t see Nanao-sensei’s art book included with the set as well. My fault as I didn’t check properly what the set was. Nevertheless, many thanks to Sharon from KKnM who helped me by getting her Japanese friend to bid this for me. Yeah in case you were wondering since I didn’t manage to go Japan, this was auctioned.

Next time I’d check very carefully before doing these kinda things. Now I have no choice but to wait for Nanao-sensei’s art book scans. orz


p.s. Anyone interested to visit C75? I’m thinking of backpacking to Japan for Christmas and C75 ^^


4 Responses to Lewt from C73!

  1. Zeroblade says:

    Do want a wallpaper version of whatever you can grab :O

  2. Leefe says:

    Shall do so when I have free time… These couple of weeks I’d be totally packed with presentations… programming… mostly real life. Damn.

  3. Zen says:

    Real life sux. But its the only kinda life I have. That sux. Anybody interested to visit hell? I feel like migrating there. ^^ There’s juz this small print saying ‘for all of eternity’ that’s kinda bugging me.. XD

  4. Leefe says:

    It’s a one way ticket all the way down with no unobtainium to protect your ass XD
    Yeah Singaporeans generally don’t read small print either. XD

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