Japanese Language – Elementary

Despite the last Thursday being my third lesson already, I’m only blogging about it now. Plenty of work and work and work to keep me very busy nowadays, and as I finally made it through to the weekend alive, I have but a few moments of breathing time. After this post I’d need to get on my programming and more tests the following week. orz

JCS Student Card

The front of my Student Card from the JCS Japanese Language School. :3

The first few lessons are pretty simple, as I have had prior experience in learning the language. I took the intensive course, which is a half-year course (at the same price of the regular, year-long one as well). Although it could seem pretty simple, it’s only the third lesson I’ve attended so far. Ito-sensei seems to be a boring teacher though. There are times she look dead-tired; come on, at the end of the day we’re all tired but we’re still there learning as well. Maybe its because it’s from a different perspective to make me comment like this, or just a severe lack of sleep on my part to make me rant, but I think if you’re a teacher your attitude in lessons really do affect your students a lot.


BTW this is one of the 2 wallpapers I’ve made. Noizi Ito and Nanao Naru illustrations from the previous post.


There’s a request for wallpapers from the previous post… So here you go~ It’s my first time making a wallpaper from a scan, which originally looked horrible as there were a lot of noise. But even for me I think the ones I’ve posted look kinda shitty anyway. If anyone have tips on how to make good wallpapers please feel free to share ^^;

I’ll need to go back to my programming and studying… BTW the current programming I’m learning is Java Swing. Doesn’t seem that useful to me IMO though. =/


4 Responses to Japanese Language – Elementary

  1. joy says:

    konnichiwa! is ito sensei gd? ito yumiko desuka?

  2. Leefe says:

    @joy: Konbamwa! Well I reckon it does take a bit getting used to, but after awhile she seems pretty ok a teacher I guess. And seeing she’s my first Japanese teacher, I wouldn’t have many others to compare with ^^;

    Not sure which Ito, but Yumiko’s a pretty high possibility. She’s the petite lady teacher with different hairstyles every lesson.

  3. joy says:

    arigatou.. i attended her lesson once.. yokunai to omou.. ha..
    anata ha ima intermed lvl desuka? sensei ha dare desuka? ii sensei desuka?
    watashi no sensei ha mito sensei desu.. yokunai mo.. haiz

  4. Caroline says:

    isn’t that Aono from the show Sola?

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