Due some peace

Finally due some peace after the onslaught of assignments, project submissions, tests, and presentations. Hellish January it was, but today I just put to rest the final presentation in my semester. All’s left is the few weeks left to my End-of-Semester Exams.


This post is something like a filler post until I decide to throw more content in.

Not sure what are the three songs that the lyrics are of, but they sure as hell don’t sound right when mixed together ^^;

Oh and I just noticed WP increased the upload limit to 5GB = picture whoring enabled.


2 Responses to Due some peace

  1. Zen says:

    You are finally due some peace! So go do sit-ups! And get a three pack! XDXD

  2. Leefe says:

    Ugh three pack is fail.
    Get a thirty-pack! Beer I mean. =X

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