Hohoho Merry Valentine’s

A couple minutes before Valentine’s and I just realised it’s another Valentine’s. No need for guessing that I’m still goddamn single. To many (which is an understatement because of the sheer numbers of them couples), it’s really special and romantic (may vary) but to me, it’s like any other day. And halfway through Chinese New Year means that I’m still in the CNY mood than anything else…

Mizuki Nana’s Astrogation PV from her latest album, STARCAMP ED.

Despite knowing I’ve got a torrent of exams coming in the next week, I’m still happily enjoying my CNY holidays. (you can include Valentine’s as well, seeing it makes a fat load of difference) The whole of the study week has been and will be wasted on stuff that has nothing to do with my current studies. Even though I’m supposed to mug for my Object-Oriented Programming using Java module because I totally screwed that one up for the whole of the semester.

As a matter of fact I just remembered that tomorrow is the 14th when I read that the Germans are launching a Flirt Express to capitalise on Valentine’s. So when I thought of what I could do, unsurprisingly nothing came up ^^; Hopefully a cute girl drops from the sky. Yeah right.

Love is sweet, eh?

p.s. Maybe I should re-title this post Curry Should Be Spicy. Lulz


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