Short Update


A really really short update just to tell you I’m still alive. In another 7 hours I’ll be at the Singapore Airshow, where there’ll be a hell lot of aircraft totting going on. Personally I’m quite into aircrafts so this will be a chance I won’t miss ^^; Just a pity USA ain’t displaying the F-22s here orz

Perhaps if I’m free (I’m still halfway through my semestral exams lol) I’ll upload some photos I’d take during the airshow. Even though I barely know any professional photography, and the camera is the small digital kind, I’d still try my best to take as much awesome pictures as I can.

p.s. anyone knows the name of this artist of the picture on top? The style seems to belong to the mangaka of Hibiki no Mahou.


2 Responses to Short Update

  1. Zen says:

    Ah hahahaha. I’m still more into bombers~ Coz they’re big and sexy, an unusual combination that seem to only work for bombers.

    The Lancer was cool. I know someone who missed the Excaliburs/Aardvarks from his time in NS lol.

  2. Leefe says:

    I want the planetary assault carrier.

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