「emotional flutter」

Really awesome OP movie of the second installation of the ef story, the latter tale. Skip to 0:44 if you don’t wanna listen to all the talking.

Movie animation by none other than 新海 誠(Makoto Shinkai)
Vocal by 原田 ひとみ (Hitomi Harada)
Music by 天門 (tenmon)

High-res version here.

Makoto Shinkai is noted for his several accomplishments like 「秒速5センチメートル」, 「雲のむこう、約束の場所」ほしのこえ and 彼女と彼女の猫.

Both ef the first tale and the latter tale has had their OPs staffed by the same folks, Makoto Shinkai, Hitomi Harada and Tenmon. Speaking of which, the latter tale’s release was actually just yesterday.

Here’s the first tale’s OP, 悠久の翼」.

Again skip to 0:45 if you wanna jump straight to the music part.

High-res version here.


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