Strawberry Nukeshakes

Remembered I promised a recipe on how to make your own strawberry nukes. No pictures this time as my desktop is currently down and I’m stuck saved by my laptop.

To make your own strawberry nuke teashake, you’ll need the following ingredients:

Enough FRESH strawberries (if I remembered correctly I used around 250g – 500g of them.)

1 tb. spoon of good ol’ Palas Supreme Tea Leaves

1/2 litre of fresh milk

1-2 tb. spoon of sugar

Ice, as much as you want

1 packet of M&M’s, milk chocolate for me

1 packet of Haw Flakes, a kinda reddish pink Chinese sweet if you don’t know

2 souls brave enough to drink it


Brew the tea as per normal. One table spoon of tea leaves should be sufficient for a full mug.

Cut the heads off the strawberries. Not sure what they’re called, but its the top, whitish part with leaves. Yes cut them all off.

Next, throw everything into the blender. Blend till you see shades of brown disappear within the pinkish hell that is was strawberries.

Lastly, scrape off everything from the blender. You’ll see strange pinkish brown solids left in the blender; don’t worry, that’s what’s become of your haw flakes and M&M’s.


In case you were wondering why good stuff were horrendously blended into a nukeshake, let me explain my circumstance then.

Right from the Cameron Highlands I bought THREE KGs of FRESH strawberries. Yes, the fresh ones; freshly off the lovely bushes. The next night when I reached Singapore, strawberry casualty count was ONE KG. A whole kg of strawberries dumped into the bin. So freaking much it’s a CRIME. That’s 1/3 either melted or dead. Needing to dispose of them ASAP before everything gets ruined, I called up the nearest friend who had spare time and shelved a shitload of strawberries to him. Last three boxes were kept hopefully in the fridge.

Day Three saw the strawberries too sour for my liking, and another friend came to see the strawberry casualty count go up. So I had an idea, seeing it’s too sour for direct consumption, and I’ve shitloads of other spare ingredients anyway (like Haw Flakes). First thing I did was dig up the last surviving blender I could find and *FIRE IN THE HOLE*, I get this nukeshake.

P.S. Palas Supreme is the best tea leaves around Cameron Highlands. It’s good stuff and pretty expensive too. orz

P.P.S. Will post something about PC survival next time, when I get my desktop back. Mostly hardware issues in SG I face.


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