Death of the Desktop

I’ll be bringing yet another depressing update on the situation of my desktop. It doesn’t work D:

Here’s the scenario:

The system boots perfectly at other places, notably at 2 different technicians’. It’s gotten theirs’ and my head scratching.

It doesn’t boot on any of the power plugs I have at home. None. Extension or not, trust me, it doesn’t. The system’s fine, so are the power cables. I’m suspecting a problem with my house’s circuit grounding, but the strange thing is, my desktop’s running fine for a whole year. Not to mention my other appliances work fine. The laptop I’m on now is plugged to the same plug I used for my PC. Router, sound, mobile phone charger, lights all working OK.

How it happened:

I simply took the PC out and opened up the system unit to do some hardware upgrades. Upgraded version failed to boot, and rolled-back version failed to boot as well. Brought to the techies and tested the boot with both hardware configurations, it worked fine. Got into POST, OS screen, etc.

Tried both commercial and industrial computer solution companies, namely Bell Systems (from SimLim) and Powersonic Computer Systems. They tested the PC OK.


Well it doesn’t boot. Not even to POST. System stirs for barely half a second and dies off. To be more accurate the light on the system comes on and dies. System fan dies, nothing comes online.


None of the techies could do anything, and I thought to consult an electrician.

None as for now, which is why I thought I’d ask fellow readers if you have any idea as to what’s happening. Any questions I’d be attending to the comments. Asked comrade Danny Choo to help garner his readers to help, hope he’d catch my email.

Tech Jargon:

POST:  Power-On-Self-Test

Attempted Upgrades:

2 x 1GB RAM at Dual Channel. Good hardware tested by folks from Kingston.

1 x 3.5′” 500GB Seagate Internal HDD. Also good and tested. Has a OS installed in by the PSonic techie to test operability. (Had to took out the other HDDs lest they find out all the great health care materials ^^;)

Current Hardware Specs:

Mainboard: GA-965P-S3
CPU: Intel E6600 2.4 gHz 1066/4M
3.5″ Storage Disks: 320GB Seagate Maxtor, 250GB Hitachi, 500GB Samsung
PSU: Seventeam 550W True
Graphics: XpertVision 7600GT 256MB
RAM: 2 x 1GB Kingston at Dual Channel
Casing: Centurion CAC-T05 (WCG standard)
Display: Samsung 932B 19″ Monitor
Peripherals: Altec Lansing speakers with bass system, Razer Copperhead and Tarantula.
Mousepad: Kud from Little Busters! LOL

P.S. Dolphins wilt where the sun don’t shine D:

P.P.S. Haruhi with long hair FTW


6 Responses to Death of the Desktop

  1. Saku says:

    That’s a weird problem. First thing that came up to my mind was the PSU but it worked on your friends’ house so it does not make sense. Seventeam is well-known quality brand for PSU and your specs don’t have anything that takes a lot of power.

    If one of your friend has a UPS (uninterrupted power supply), ask him/her if you can borrow it then connect your PC through the UPS and see if it works. If it works then, something wrong with your house electricity. This way you can rule out PSU as the culprit.

  2. Leefe says:

    No UPS ^^;
    Oh I was thinking Seventeam was kinda subpar… :P
    Is OCZ better?

  3. Saku says:

    Seventeam produces good quality PSU as far as I know. Regarding PSU, you need to know that there are OEM PSU and rebranded PSU.

    Seventeam is an OEM manufacture which means they make their own PSU but company like OCZ does not manufacture their own PSU. They bought OEM PSU and rebranded them into OCZ, however, it does not mean all OCZ PSUs are made by the same OEM manufacture. It varies from different models of OCZ PSU, for example :

    Model – OEM Manufacture
    EvoStream – Fortron Source (FSP group)
    GameXStream – Fortron Source (FSP group)
    ModXStream – Fortron Source (FSP group)
    OCZ1000PXS – Fortron Source (FSP group)
    StealthXStream – Fortron Source (FSP group)
    OCZ PowerStream – Topower

    Seventeam is OEM for some of Silverstone PSU :
    Decathalon DA1000 – Seventeam
    Decathalon DA1200 – Seventeam
    Olympia OP1000 – Seventeam
    Olympia OP1200 – Seventeam

    If you want to know more about PSU, go to You can try to post your problem there and see if they can solve your problem. Most members there have electrical background.

    The last thing I can suggest is to try a different PSU and see what will happen. I don’t have much electrical knowledge so I can’t really help you further ^^;;

  4. 6pack says:

    I think ur pc has a grounding problem. something behind the mobo like a copper base might be touching and shorting the psu. Also check ur home grounding properly just in case.

  5. Leefe says:

    @ Saku: Thanks a lot for the info on PSUs. I was told by a guy at Sim Lim that OCZ PSUs are pretty good though. Hahas I’ll wait for the electrician’s diagnosis ^^

    @6pack: Yep gotten an electrician to check the grounding. Should be incoming soon.

  6. Leefe says:

    Problem fixed. Seems like it IS a problem with my PSU and my house’s power supply simultaneously. Isolating the parts didn’t work out, but the techie I got at CDL Trading offered me another PSU to test if it works. Now my system boots on a plug( not extension).
    Hurrah while I reformat and reinstall every bit and byte of my stuff back.

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