September 16, 2008

I will be moving over to Coverage won’t be on only anime-related topics, but also life-related. I’m sure once in a while people would like to see different aspects of life they would have never seen. Of course documentation won’t be exactly professional as others, but I take pride in trying my best for what I can.

If you asked what’s the reason for moving from NIPAH to NIIPAH, it’s the ‘i’ I admit. Some time in the future some people might know why :P



p.s. George from e2046, if you see this you might want to note the new address.


Goodsmile English Online!

September 5, 2008

Now to reach the global masses, GSC (Goodsmile Company) has taken their business one step forward. Yesterday it’s announced on that GSC is now officially up with an English site, powered by MiraiGaia, the platform runs on.

Very very interesting how things are turning out for non-moonspeakers, and it’d definitely make access to release information easier to the international community.

Cheers and good work, Danny and friends at GSC!

Website here.