Goodsmile English Online!

Now to reach the global masses, GSC (Goodsmile Company) has taken their business one step forward. Yesterday it’s announced on that GSC is now officially up with an English site, powered by MiraiGaia, the platform runs on.

Very very interesting how things are turning out for non-moonspeakers, and it’d definitely make access to release information easier to the international community.

Cheers and good work, Danny and friends at GSC!

Website here.


2 Responses to Goodsmile English Online!

  1. George says:


    How are you? I’m George. I’ve left you a message before. I’m wondering would you still be interested in doing a banner exchange with me. Drop me an email to if you can. If I don’t hear from you in the next 2 weeks, I assume you are not interested. ^^

    My Site:

    P.S. I hope this exchange can bring traffic to both sites. Here is copy of a message from a person I have exchanged banner with.

    “Hello George

    Well i wanted to thank you again for the link on your site , i got lots of people coming from E2046 site yesterday , it was crazy ^^ so yes it’s awesome ”

  2. Leefe says:

    E-mailed you my reply, but in case you didn’t get it, it’s a yes :D

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