September 16, 2008

I will be moving over to Coverage won’t be on only anime-related topics, but also life-related. I’m sure once in a while people would like to see different aspects of life they would have never seen. Of course documentation won’t be exactly professional as others, but I take pride in trying my best for what I can.

If you asked what’s the reason for moving from NIPAH to NIIPAH, it’s the ‘i’ I admit. Some time in the future some people might know why :P



p.s. George from e2046, if you see this you might want to note the new address.


Little Busters!

July 29, 2008

A month and a half since the last post, I haven’t really got any idea what to continue posting. Things are getting busier for me, with projects to go, levels to ding (WoW), and nothing to do.

For the sake of the uninformed, Key’s remake, Little Busters! Ecstasy, was out on 25th July. And the magic fairies had it a day before. Got a copy through someone through his contact in Japan.

Short as this post is, I cannot fail to mention Key’s participation in the upcoming Comike 74. Which means more money to spill. Oh crap.

p.s. I’m currently a Nagrand Horde, IGN’s Bishan. Troll Shaman if you wanna know :P If you ever play a Nagrand Horde as well, do meet up! :D

Strawberry Nukeshakes

June 16, 2008

Remembered I promised a recipe on how to make your own strawberry nukes. No pictures this time as my desktop is currently down and I’m stuck saved by my laptop.

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「emotional flutter」

June 1, 2008

Really awesome OP movie of the second installation of the ef story, the latter tale. Skip to 0:44 if you don’t wanna listen to all the talking.

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Choco Coronet VS Melon Pan

May 10, 2008

Choco Vs Melon

Interrupting the tranquility of postless-ness on this blog here. Finally seem to have time this weekend, despite I’d be having a presentation due on Monday. It’s gotten hectic and I swear I’m pretty zombified now.

Anyway, KKnM’s up to something ^^;



p.s. Macross Frontier is totally awesome.

Spicy hot hot hot

March 28, 2008

It’s been a really long while since the last post(like 3 weeks?) so I thought I’d throw something random here before crashing. Work has been really really time guzzling.

Spice and Wolf- Horo

Stuff like 17-hours shift can do awesome shit to people. Especially warehouse jobs orz

But money has to be earned, hobby has to be fueled. So let’s be all good responiable adults like we should and work our butts off.


Hohoho Merry Valentine’s

February 14, 2008

A couple minutes before Valentine’s and I just realised it’s another Valentine’s. No need for guessing that I’m still goddamn single. To many (which is an understatement because of the sheer numbers of them couples), it’s really special and romantic (may vary) but to me, it’s like any other day. And halfway through Chinese New Year means that I’m still in the CNY mood than anything else…

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