Goodsmile English Online!

September 5, 2008

Now to reach the global masses, GSC (Goodsmile Company) has taken their business one step forward. Yesterday it’s announced on that GSC is now officially up with an English site, powered by MiraiGaia, the platform runs on.

Very very interesting how things are turning out for non-moonspeakers, and it’d definitely make access to release information easier to the international community.

Cheers and good work, Danny and friends at GSC!

Website here.



November 25, 2007

No I’m actually not. Just watch the video on the post before this if you don’t get the title. Anyway this is my first post on this blog (there’s a chance it may be my last too =P) as a contributor. Anyways be prepared for random crap that i churn out. ~beams out~

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Good evening… Infidel.

November 25, 2007

Awesome youtube video that came across my friend. who introduced to me. Epic lulz for everyone and I won’t fail to watch that everyday just to crack me up.

Ventriloquist’s Jeff Dunham with his dead terrorist friend, Achmed. Ach-h-h-h-h-med.

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Actress Again

October 29, 2007


A new expansion from the popular Melty Blood series has been announced to be due Spring 2008. Melty Blood Actress Again, featuring two new characters, Riesbyfe and Roa. It seems that it’ll be offering a new battle system whereby you can choose the mode to play. The new expansions features new storylines written by Nasu Kinoko himself.

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October 8, 2007

Once again I’m blogging in my office <3

It’s brought to my attention that the comment section doesn’t seem to work. Thanks to Zen for telling me, I’d try to work on it as soon as I can, which is when Singtel decides to resume my internet service. Irritating how my service got cut off a coupla days ~_~ Recontracting your broadband service is some fussy issue. orz

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Nice boat.

September 25, 2007

You know you’re too bored when you blog in work that you’re too bored. And don’t ask me what am I doing blogging that I am bored during work. It’s supposed to be counter-productive. But oh well what the hell. It’s better than falling asleep.

A long time since the last post I know. Recently I’ve been busy with real life, and it’s pretty tough. =/

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I’m dead, NOT

September 13, 2007

Bahh recently I’ve been so occupied that I don’t even blog. But don’t worry for people who actually read my blog I’m still up and going. I’m gonna profess my (yet another) <3 for Yin. She’s the kinda girl you would wanna hug don’t you? =/

p.s. might be switching over to animeblogger soon… I hope =X