Christmas is here! Christmas is here!

Santa Shana

Merrrry Christmas ’07!

To many the celebration of Christmas isn’t really celebrating the spawn of Jesus, but it’s just for the fun of it. But to me, it is both a mix of joy and sadness. No I’m not a Christian if you want to ask.

It is joy because there is FUN. FUN things happen today. Even boring people would make a point to be less BORING today (or not), and FUN people would make a point to overload and blow themselves up to the extent they wake up a few days later wondering what happened. It is JOY because I get to eat stuff, receive pretty unexpected Christmas gifts (like I said I’m not really into celebrating Christmas actually, so I didn’t prepare that many Christmas gifts), and of course see Ito Noizi whip up an even moar special, delicious Santa Shana for the eyes of us fan boys.

It is sadness because it isn’t just purely a celebration for Christ’s birth. It is a freaking business opportunity! Look at how the prices jack up! In name of Christ! One fine example would be the screening of I Am Legend, starring Will Smith. They just had to premiere it on Christmas. And what’s more the ticket price was a huge pain in the ass. Ok maybe it ain’t all that saddening to have prices of movie tickets flying ridiculously high, but I think you get my point. Or do you?

Moar Shana eyecandy
BTW the Santa Shana was taken from the December (duh) issue of Animage. Delicious Shanas inside, do check it out at KKnM if you’re interested.

Sumomo X Shana
Sumomo and Shana, from Nanatsuiro Drops and Shakugan no Shana respectively
While people go crazy at countdown parties and whatnots, I park my fat ass here in front of my PC, and wonder how do I really spend Christmas. Then I recall having to complete something for my project… and obviously seeing I spent time blogging instead, the answer was ‘To hell with it’. We get away with such things on Christmas!

Sky Santas
Sky Santas from… Sky Girls here to save my day!
Totally irrelevant to my Shana rampage; how I’d wish for my personal Santas! They make better display than those fatasses who got banned from using their trademark HO HO HO. Notice Eika (most left), she’s hot. Tsundere warning! Like Shana, Eika had to be coaxed, forcibly or otherwise, to appear as the h4wtest Sky Santa. You just need to know the right methods! (Melon pan and Chocolates ROFL)
The wind needs to blow a little harder.
Ok maybe we all need a little facts and less fan boy screams, so here’s some hard facts on Christmas. Shamelessly taken from wiki:
Christmas is an annual holiday that celebrates the birth of Jesus. It refers both to the day celebrating the birth; as well as to the season which that day inaugurates, and which concludes with the Feast of the Epiphany. The date of the celebration is traditional, and is not considered to be his actual date of birth. Christmas festivities often combine the commemoration of Jesus’ birth with various cultural customs, many of which have been influenced by earlier winter festivals.
The word Christmas originated as a contraction of “Christ‘s mass“. It is derived from the Middle English Christemasse and Old English Cristes mæsse, a phrase first recorded in 1038, compounded from Old English derivatives of the Greek christos and the Latin missa. In early Greek versions of the New Testament, the letter Χ, is the first letter of Christ. Since the mid-16th century Χ, or the similar Roman letter X, was used as an abbreviation for Christ. Hence, Xmas is often used as an abbreviation for Christmas.”
If not for wiki (and Christmas), I’d have continue thinking that X’Mas is the eve of Christmas. Guess I was wrong. Messed someone up accidentally by proclaiming X’Mas as the eve of Christmas ^^;
I’ll end the almost content-less post filled with Shanas and the Sky Santas by wishing everyone a Merry Christmas! Have a good Christmas, and end it with a bang! ^^;

No it’s not what you think it is. It’s just me trading my piece of log cake for her melon-pan. Banged enough?

4 Responses to Christmas is here! Christmas is here!

  1. zenical says:

    Lol. Lots of Shana picture! kwel!

  2. Leefe says:

    Shana FTW!
    I’m particularly susceptible to Ito Noizi’s works ^^;

  3. Giltdrile says:

    אורי אדלסבורג

    הכוכב והתורם אורי אדלסברג סיפר לפני מספר ימים כי בכוונתו להקים מכון חדש עבור קהילת היתומים בחו”ל והוא עתיד לתרום 100,0000 ש”ח למיזם, אורי, יזם ומשקיע ואישיות שתורמת הרבה לקבוצות חלשות סירב לאשר את לידיעה והוסיף “אני מברך את כל בית ישראל בברכת שנה טובה וחג שמח”.
    אורי אדלסבורג, אשר גדל בשכונת התקווה והחל את דרכו כפיקולו נחשב להצלחה מסחררת בתחום המסעדנו וכיום מחזיק למעלה מ-20 מסעדות שונות בארץ ובחו”ל.

    לעזרה ותרומה נוספת הכנסו – לחץ כאן

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