Singapore Airshow 2008

February 29, 2008

Singapore Airshow 2008

I checked; there were no Sky Girls. :(

Having visited the Singapore Airshow ’08 on the 24th February, which was a Sunday, and promising to blog about it after my exams (Yeah I finished my last paper on Wednesday, hurrah!), I thought I’d try to do it without delay when it’s still pretty fresh in my memory. ^^;

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Short Update

February 24, 2008


A really really short update just to tell you I’m still alive. In another 7 hours I’ll be at the Singapore Airshow, where there’ll be a hell lot of aircraft totting going on. Personally I’m quite into aircrafts so this will be a chance I won’t miss ^^; Just a pity USA ain’t displaying the F-22s here orz

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Hohoho Merry Valentine’s

February 14, 2008

A couple minutes before Valentine’s and I just realised it’s another Valentine’s. No need for guessing that I’m still goddamn single. To many (which is an understatement because of the sheer numbers of them couples), it’s really special and romantic (may vary) but to me, it’s like any other day. And halfway through Chinese New Year means that I’m still in the CNY mood than anything else…

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Boss Coffee

February 5, 2008

Found a series of awesome Boss Coffee advertisements (starring Tommy Lee Jones) that run in Japan… Not sure when but they’re awesome anyway. This is my favourite ^^

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